Assurance that specification is being adhered to and the work of industry accepted quality

So, you’ve meticulously planned your project and are beginning to commence the work. How do you know that what is being delivered throughout the project is correct of the right standard?

Well, we would hazard a guess that if you are not a professional in the area of construction, you probably would not be fully certain. This is an area that your Quantity Surveyor can help with!

They will generally have many years of experience in managing construction projects and know the kind of standards that should be met.

In addition to this, your Quantity Surveyor will have several reliable contractors in various areas to support the successful delivery of your project. The risk of not having a reliable and experienced project management service is that you are delivered with a poor quality, even potentially dangerous building!

Before the build even commences, your Quantity Surveyor will study the building drawings and review the schedule of works. Your Quantity Surveyor will also have a thorough understanding of Building Regulations in order to adhere to them and ensure that the project passes Building Control.

During the build they will keep a constant check on costs and progress of the project. This is an important role as without this close project management, your build could run over budget and not be delivered to the standard that you planned.

At the end of the project, your Quantity Surveyor will sign off the project when it is complete and ONLY when it is complete!

This kind of project management is exactly the sort of project that we help many of our clients with here at QS Support. If you are embarking on a construction project, then we certainly recommend instructing a project management service. This service is worth its weight in gold!

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