Ensuring that your chosen builder has given you a fair price

When planning a construction project and appointing contractors to complete the works, there is a lot to consider. Maybe you have gone and got yourself a couple of quotes from different builders and they vary in price quite a lot.

One may be quite low and one may be quite high; the point you need to consider is what is a fair price for the work that you are carrying out? This is an area where the experience of your quantity surveyor will help as with years of experience, they will be able to ensure that you are charged a fair price for the works.

The risk of the price being too low is that it may compromise on the quality of work that is carried out and not meet your specification. In the long run, this could end up costing you more money to resolve any problems that may occur.

In addition, you may find yourself in a situation where the builder you appoint realises that they have missed something out after the project starts and require you to make an additional payment to cover the shortfall.

The risk of the price being too high, it simply that you are paying much more than you need for the work that is carried out.

Your quantity surveyor will take time to gain an understanding of the result you are aiming for and ensure that the builder you appoint to carry out the work is the right one to deliver the standard you expect.

As well as this, the experience that your quantity surveyor has means that they will know how much your project should cost and therefore be able to ensure that you appoint the right builder; one that will not only charge you a fair price, but also deliver the standard of work that you require.

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