Finding you reliable contractors

Finding you reliable contractors

One of the key things to consider when embarking on a construction project is the contractors that you choose to carry out the various elements of work. Do you use one main contractor, do you use sub-contractors, or do you use a mixture of both?

As well as this, there are a broad range of different skills that are required from electrics to roofing and groundwork's.

There is always a key balance of cost and quality, however with so many different skills required a quantity surveyor will be able to make sure you not only select the right model, but also appoint the right contractors to deliver the outcome you need.

To end up with the wrong contractor for the project can have broad ranging and negative consequences that can not only disrupt the schedule, but also end up costing more. The two main ways that your Quantity Surveyor makes sure you have the right contractors are through previous experience and contract tendering.

Previous experience

Here are QS Support, we have over 25 years of construction experience and have worked on thousands of construction projects of varying sizes.

Over the past 25 years we have built up a strong network of reliable contractors that we know will always deliver the outcome our clients need. We can call on this previous experience for the projects that our clients carry out to ensure the quality delivered is consistent.

Contract tendering

Making sure that you have well written and managed contracts are not the only reasons you should consult a Quantity Surveyor. Having a good contract process will mean that you can go out to tender and do the right due diligence on the contractors you will end up appointing.

A Quantity Surveyor will be able to put your contract out to tender and with years of experience in managing the tendering process, make sure that this leads to the right contractors being appointed who will deliver the right standard of work at the correct price

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