How can a Quantity Surveyor ensure that your project timeframe is met?

As we all know, ensuring that an agreed time frame being adhered to is extremely important for any build project. Going over time will invariably lead to budgeting increases and therefore the end profit will almost always be negatively affected by delay.

Through experience, and the appropriate planning, a Quantity Surveyor will make sure that enough time is allocated for each stage of your project. This means that costs can be correctly calculated, and timeframes appropriately met.

Furthermore, a Quantity Surveyor will often have strong relationships with the various tradesman involved in the project and can point you in the direction of reliable, tried and tested contractors. Alternatively, they can facilitate the tender and contract process on your behalf.

A Quantity Surveyor is independent to the client and therefore not at risk of becoming emotionally involved with the project. This often helps as they are able to able to manage contractors in a professional and appropriate way; addressing and anticipating any issues as they arise (such as sticking to project timescales). In addition, a Quantity Surveyor will only ever use contractors that are skilled, reliable and have a proven track record of ‘sticking to the plan’.

Your Quantity Surveyor will also visit and inspect the project at various stages. They know what to keep an eye on and can often see potential problems before they even occur which again will save time and money over the entire life of the project.

By making these visits a Quantity Surveyor will make sure that the project remains on time, on budget and that all specifications are stuck to as the build develops. If changes are required once the build has begun, which is always a possibility and frequently through no real fault of a contractor, a Quantity Surveyor will ensure that those changes are handled correctly and ensure they have as little negative effect to scheduling and budget as possible.

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