Making sure that all necessary work has been included and priced for

There are a lot of elements to a construction project and without the experience, it can be challenging to know if everything has been accounted for in the planning stages. Inevitably, there are likely to be things left out or overlooked if you complete your cost planning without expert guidance.

A qualified Quantity Surveyor has a first-class knowledge of building construction, is an expert in drawing up a bill of quantities and will ensure that the items contained are complete in that they include all labour and materials.

The risk of not involving an experienced Quantity Surveyor in the cost planning stage of your construction project is great; in that the project could significantly run over budget, schedule and at worst have to come to a halt due to an important element being overlooked or funds running out.

In addition, planning for costs evolve throughout the life of the project, developing in detail and accuracy as more information becomes available about the nature of the design, and then actual prices are provided by specialist contractors, contractors and suppliers. Therefore, a Quantity Surveyor will be able to ensure that this is considered in the final plan.

With over 25 years of expertise across many different skill sets, we regularly work closely with our clients to help them with the cost planning elements of their project and what’s more, we have no upper or lower limits on project size or value.

We believe that project estimating requires a flexible approach and this means whether you require your tender to be quantified, priced, or both we will be able to adapt our services around your needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that our clients have all the details that they require to accurately and correctly deliver their project no matter what the size.

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