Your Quantity Surveyor can help if your builder is asking for more money than the value of work undertaken

So, we know that it happens, and it happens for many reasons. You are part way through your construction project and the builder you have appointed explains that the work is costing more than they originally budgeted, so asks for you to make additional payments.

It may be that the additional payment is in relation to things such as variations that have been made since the start of the project, the costs of materials increasing and be wholly legitimate. It is also possible that your builder is asking for additional payments that are over and above the value of the work undertaken.

Either way, it is important to understand what the costs are in relation to, whether they are correct and how they have come about. Cost control is an extremely important factor of any construction project and this situation is one where a Quantity Surveyor can be extremely valuable.

If you have involved a Quantity Surveyor from the beginning of your project, they will know what the costs should be and therefore negotiate with your builder for you at each stage of the project. Where there are any variations made, these will be fully costed and your Quantity Surveyor will ensure that they are correct.

In addition, your Quantity Surveyor will be able to regularly visit the site to monitor and assess the work that has been carried out before payments are released. This will make sure that the work you pay for is the work that has been completed.

Where there may be a disagreement regarding the costs of work that has been undertaken, your Quantity Surveyor will be able to assess the correct value of work completed and therefore payment due.

Your Quantity Surveyor will also be able to mediate on your behalf should a disagreement arise. Where is needed, a Quantity Surveyor will also have the respective legal support and knowledge to handle any conflicts on your behalf.

If you would like to find out more about how the team here at QS Support can help you, just drop us a call for an initial discussion regarding your situation.

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