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QS Support can help you with your next and current projects!

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If you’re a developer, QS Support can help you with your next and current projects! We can produce a quick cost plan for you, breaking down costs for your potential build into headline trades. This cost plan will also include for any professional fees and contingency sums, to give you a realistic idea of the construction budget. 

We can also help you with Procurement once you have settled on a final budget, we have ways of pushing costs down even further and have a wealth of contacts in the construction industry which we can recommend to actually physically build your project. We can send out your project enquiry to multiple contractors and put together a tender analysis document so we can compare all returned quotes, taking care to note any exclusions which could cause problems down the line if not addressed early. 

We are also able to chair and organise the pre-contract interviews and meetings with your chosen contractor(s) and ensure all terms are met. After this, we can also offer you post-contract support and help validate valuations from your contractors, be the monitoring Surveyor for your drawdown from funding sources, and ensure any variations are tracked and substantiated. 

Finally we can lead the Final Account negotiations, and ensure the project is finalised in a timely and cost effective manner. For further detail on the above services please take a look through our services page. 

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