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By combining QS Support's vast commercial knowledge with our Client's technical expertise, we can provide appropriate guidance and support enabling your business to secure work by focusing on each factor of your tendered and negotiated opportunities.

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We present this by showing that you are addressing your Client's needs and demonstrating you are the best organisation to work with on their project.

Our knowledge of main contractors means we understand their requirements and what makes a sub-contractor appealing to use. By ensuring your approach matches these requirements you could be asked to quote for more opportunities. By undertaking risk and opportunity analysis of these opportunities on your behalf, we can provide strategic pricing and presentation ensuring you secure projects. Furthermore, QS Support can provide you with the necessary support, guidance and practical hands on service to ensure your business increases the profitability of its secured work.

Cashflow is an essential commercial element to a Client's success. QS Support can implement accurate, detailed, and comprehensive valuations in a timely manner to assist main contractors with their obligations. QS Support offers a suite of personalised documents that may be used by your managers and supervisors assisting in the everyday running of the site to aid commercial recovery and ensure fair payment of your applications are achieved.

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