Dispute Resolution Services

Our staff have a wealth of experience in the conduction of Adjudications for Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Clients both in the UK and overseas.

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It is unfortunately all-too-common for disputes to arise during or at the end of a project. Whatever the dispute our team will be on hand to support you and act in your interests to get things resolved quickly and amicably. Years of experience have taught us that in many instances, the sheer presence of QS Support can be enough to deter contractors or clients from pursuing a dispute.

Whilst our rate of success in dispute resolution is excellent, the best way to avoid a dispute is to employ our comprehensive services from the outset of your project. When, for whatever reason, we have not been employed at the start the chances of a successful resolution for our client are significantly increased the earlier we are instructed.

We are at hand to assist in the full preparation of an adjudication, from issuing your initial formal notice, through to the preparations of your referral, response, reply, to completion.

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