Post Contract QS Services

As experienced quantity surveyors we offer a full range of post contract QS services that can be tailored and amended to suit each client’s needs, from assisting with and attending pre-start meetings, to settling final accounts.

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After you have secured a tender our range of post-contract services can be of great value. Our extensive list of services includes, but is not limited to;

* Contractual Advice

* Attendance at pre-start meetings

* Organising contracts and terms

* Regular site visits

* Submitting regular valuations

* Managing variations and tracking all substantiation

* Following up payment certificates

* Managing valuation price

* Chasing invoices, agreeing & settling final accounts.

* Snagging & Defects Management

We can also produce CVR reports and O&M manuals, as well as supporting you contractually, to include commencing extensions of time and loss and expense claims.

On many projects, our clients find it easier to appoint us as the Contract Administrator, this diverse role ensures that your project, in terms of administration, management, cost control, and commercial support, fall completely under our remit. You, as the client, will be kept abreast of all elements of your project keeping you focused on the elements that require your attention. Furthermore, the appointment of a recognised QS often adds credibility to your professional image and acts as a deterrent to opportunistic clients.

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